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PROVALE™ Regulating Drinking Cup
PROVALE™ Regulating Drinking CupPROVALE™ Regulating Drinking CupPROVALE™ Regulating Drinking Cup
PROVALE™ Regulating Drinking Cup

Product Code  :  190x
Product Price  :  S$90.95
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Provale Cup

PROVALE® Cup  Designed to deliver "small swallows" (specific predetermined volume of thin liquid in a normal drinking motion. Prevents over delivery and promotes safer swallowing and more independence. Use one or two easy-grip removable handles. Separate chamber inside delivers the specific volume in each mouthful without the need to suck. Plastic. Clear base. Comes apart easily and is dishwasher safe. Available in 5cc or 10cc delivery.

The Provale Cup delivers a set amount of fluid each time the cup is tipped.

Accurate, fixed delivery amount of 5cc and 10cc (depending on style) with each drinking motion edges and lightweight.

This important feature ensures a controlled delivery.

Key Features

The clear base allows carer to see how much fluid has been delivered Patented mechanism prevents over-delivery of fluid Good nose clearance minimizes head tilt


The Provale Cup has been designed with the assistance of interviews and feedback from over 500 speech-language therapists and occupational therapists.


  • The Blue Cup delivers a 5 cc (.17 fl. oz.) sip 
  • The Brown Cup delivers a 10 cc (.34 fl. oz.) sip

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