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Catheter Nelaton
Catheter Nelaton
Blax Twisted Everyday
Blax Twisted EverydayBlax Twisted Everyday
Blax Twisted Everyday

Product Code  :  TWISTED
Product Price  :  S$642.00

Blax Twisted Hand Rims

We visited rehabs around the country and seen multiple make do versions of these produced.  It was a no brainer, let’s take "ACTIVE GRIP" coated hand-rims known for their unmatched grip and durability, add a twist of cord  every  2 inches and produce small projections within the coating.  Weather used as starter hand-rim or for back country pushing  our  “TWISTED” hand-rims are designed to help start that “ACTIVE”  more confident life again.

Total weight 1.6 lbs. per pair.

Fitting: Spinergy, Fusion, Rogue, Dino and Sun 6 tab mount wheels.

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